Private Coaching for Actors

Whether you are broadening your training, or deep-diving into those sides you only just received today, I’m here to help you make the most out of your work. My approach is organic and individualized, and the goal is to help you connect on a deeper level to the material so that you can walk into the audition/set/rehearsal rooms with confidence and freedom. Your first session is free, afterwards it is $75/hr, or you may inquire after reduced rates for multiple coaching packages. This fee does not include rental space, but I am happy to refer you to the usual haunts and meet just about anywhere around Manhattan or Brooklyn. If you refer an actor to me, you too will receive $25 off your next session. Book your first free session here.

Kind Words

"I truly thought I knew everything after I graduated from NYU/Tisch and decided to pursue this business.  It wasn't until after I started going on auditions that I needed help getting out of my head and into the room.  Shira taught me how to treat myself like a business person AND an artist. After working with Shira I booked my very first AEA job and have booked regularly since. I'm no longer at a day job and I even started my own vocal coaching business. Thank you." - Raji A.

“I was having a really hard time with my character, my director wasn’t giving me feedback that made sense. Shira helped explore how I could build the character, giving me exercises that really helped me to connect to my core. My performance was completely transformed. Shira allows you to accept yourself as you are, no matter what stage you are at, while challenging you to dig deeper. She made the process of exploring character fun again.” - Laura D.

You’ve helped re-awaken my love for acting
— Peter S.

"You helped me pluck up the courage to break down part of the wall of fear I've so dutifully built around my potential—a course both foreign to me, and very difficult.  And Shira, I simply could not have done so without your challenge, your encouragement, your empathy, and intellect.  I don't typically compose letters of this type. You've helped re-awaken my love for acting--the act of discovery and creation.  I wanted to thank you for that."- Peter S.